Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

  • Every person be treated with dignity and respect
  • Proper evaluation and treatment regardless of age, race, sex or socioeconomic status
  • Hospital cannot refuse treatment without a lawful reason
  • Be informed about your health status, recommended treatment, options, benefits, risks, prognosis, and possible complications
  • Information about the cost of your care and payment methods
  • Right to make decisions regarding plan of care
  • Patient privacy and confidentiality of your health information. Medical information will not be released without patient’s expressed consent except when required by law
  • To seek advice or file a claim with Korea Consumer Agency or Korean Medical Dispute Meditation and Arbitration Agency for disputes related to medical, psychological or economical damages resulting from services provided.
  • Your faith, personal values, and beliefs be respected

Patient Responsibilities

  • To provide accurate and complete information about your health status and other health information
  • To report any changes in your health status to your health providers
  • To be expected to follow the care plans suggested by the health care professionals caring for you
  • Must establish proof of identity using your identification card or medical insurance card.
  • To follow hospital rules and regulations
  • To recognize and respect the rights of the other patients, families, and staff
  • Be responsible for either full or partial payment upon request for the health care you received