For Outpatient

Inha University Hospital runs an appointment system for your convenience.
If you wish to make an appointment, please reserve through internet, phone, fax, e-mail.
We will refer you directly to our clinic doctors or to hospital specialists as required.

  • Clinic Hours

    Weekdays 08:00-17:00
    ( Lunch break : 12:00-13:00 )

  • Contact
    +82-32-890-2080 / 2090

For Emergencies

Emergency treatment procedures

Emergency center at Inha University Hospital provides the highest medical services for 24 hours

* In case the patient does not require emergency but the patient receives medical treatment in emergency center, the patient will be responsible for the fee according to the laws.

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  • 05

    The written decision

01. Registration

Fill out the registration form at the emergency reception/payment counter.

02. Medical examination, treatment & Decision in regarding to admission

After submit your registration receipt and registration card to the nurse at the emergency center, the doctor in charge will provides emergency treatment and decide whether to discharge or admission the patient.

03. Pay medical expenses

In the doctor decide to discharge you and/ or treat you as an outpatient:
Pay your medical treatment expense at the emergency reception/payment counter and receive the discharge paper out outpatient clinic appointment receipt.

04. Discharge

Submit the discharge paper to the nurse. Then you will leave the hospital with the next appointment paper if it is necessary.

05. The written decision of admission

If admission is decided: obtain written confirmation of admission from the doctor in charge and submit it to inpatient administration counter (night session: emergency reception/payment counter). Following the guidance of inpatient administration counter, you will take proceeding for admission.