Center Introduction

Center Introduction photo

Inha University Healthcare Promotion Center was founded for public health promotion and also endeavours to prevent disease through professional assessment and consultation of disease risk factor and overall health check-up which professional faculties join who make reliable diagnosis.

Healthcare Promotion Center operates detailed and diverse healthcare check-up promgramme by precise examination specialized in gender and age based on examinees’ demand.

The center is also equipped with state of art medical appliances - as PET-CT, CT, MRI, MD CT etc – to make an accurate diagnosis and test.

There is separate Plus Center in Healthcare Promotion Center which has professional coordinating system. The nurses in charge take the examinees round for all the tests via one on one care system that offers differentiated service from any other hospitals.

You can have consultation and complete medical examination at relevant department in case any disease has been found after health check-up.

We constantly makes an enormous efforts to enhance after-care services and improve the qualify of health check-up.

The primary necessity to achieve one's dreams and lead a delightful life is health. You can do everything only if you are healthy.

As always, Inha University Healthcare Promotion Center cares your healthy and happy life.