A Guide before Health Check-up

On the day before
a physical

  • If you are taking antithrombotics (Aspirin, Plavix - clopidogrel, Disgren, Pletaal, Indobufen, Aspirin protect, Plavitol etc.) or anticoagulants (Coumadin/Warfarin, Heparins etc.), please con.sult with the doctor 7 days prior to the exam. These medications may cause problems increasing bleeding tendency during some tests. Please make sure to consult with the doctor who prescribed the medications above.
  • Please eat light meal for dinner before 7 PM and refrain from smoking, drinking, and heavy work.
  • You can drink little sips of water after the meal.
  • Please do fasting. Do not drink or eat anything after midnight. (NO water, cigarettes, medicines)

* If you have optional examinations please read the brochures for each test.

On the day of
a physical

  • Please place the stool sample in a container on the day of the test or the day before the test. →Store the sample in cool place. (In case you have optional examinations as rectoscopy, Lower GI scan, or colon CT scan, please take the stool sample before you take the medication to empty your bowel – for instance, ‘Cool Prep’- on the day before the examinations )
  • Please bring the questionnaire. (Please make sure to fill it out.)
  • You should stop taking any medication, but you can take high blood pressure medication with a small amount of water around 6am on the day of the examination. (With unstable blood pressure, it might be hard for you to get endoscopic examination)
  • Please pay the fee at the center on the day of the examination. (cash or credit/debit card)
  • A biopsy or germ test can be done during endoscopy. The additional cost will be charged to the patient.
  • Do fasting. Do not drink or eat anything in the morning. (incl. water, gum, cigarettes) But you can brush your teeth.
  • Please do not bring any valuables with you.
  • You can wear contact lens or glasses. (except for RPG contact lenses)
  • For female examinees, please do not urinate and hold it to retain the urine in bladder that enables you to take the pelvic sonogram
  • After at least 2 weeks of your hairdo as getting a perm wave or dyeing on your hair, the hair mineral test is available. Avoid applying any sorts of hair trimming products as spray, gel, mousse or essence on the test day.
  • Please visit Healthcare Promotion Center and make it in time for your convenience to process all the examinations previously reserved.

The miscellaneous
matters for
a physical

  • For female examinees in menstrual period or pregnancy, the physical examination is not available. (After 5 days of last menstrual day it is the best timing for female examinees to have a physical examination)
  • Please refrain from accompanying children.
  • In order to confirm the identification, please bring the family relation certificate when you do health check-up for married couples.
  • In case you drive please use the parking lot in Inha University Hospital. Healthcare Promotion Center will help you with getting a free ticket for parking.


Guidelines on Cool prep (The Day of Colonoscopy)

As it is very important to empty your bowel in order for your doctor to clearly view your colon, you need to be thoroughly prepared for the test in accordance with the following schedule.

1. Item sent

Cool Prep ( Powder A (4packs) plus Powder B (4packs) : Total 8 packs of Powders )

2. Precautions

  • Please take medication for hypertension at 6 in the morning on the day of test if you have hypertension. (The test cannot be performed if the blood pressure is increased)
  • Stop medications such as aspirin, cold medications, blood-thinners antiplatelet medications, or medications promoting circulation 7 days before the exam to prevent bleeding from the biopsy or polypectomy. Please discuss with your attending physician about this issue.
    → If you are taking blood thinner (Aspirin, Plavix clopidogrel, Disgren, Pletaal, Indobufen. Aspirin protect, Plavitol, Coumadin/Warfarin, Heparins etc.), please consult with the doctor. These medications may cause problems during some tests. Please make sure to consult with the doctor.
  • Collect the stool sample before you take the Cool prep on the previous day of the examination.
  • Please inform the nurse if you had received an open abdominal surgery.
  • If your bowel is not prepared thoroughly, your colonoscopy will not be successful and may have to be repeated.
  • Diarrhea will be caused after taking the Cool prep. In some case, abdominal pain, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalance could occur.

Preparation for the test

Preparation for the test table
Preparation date Following instructions
2 days before the
Do not eat fruits with seed (watermelon, melon, graph, etc.), cereals (black rice, bean, brown rice, etc.), seaweeds (brown seaweed, sea tangle, etc.)
seasoned vegetables, mushrooms, Kim-chi.
It is because the items listed above can stay inside of the colon and have an influence on the test.
The day
before the
6 PM
Have regular breakfast and lunch. Have light supper including thin rice gruel (or white porridge without side dish) before 6 PM and do not eat anything after 6 PM except for water and the Cool prep.
8 ~ 9 PM
(Take the dose TWO TIMES)
How and when to Mix and drink the Cool prep
  1. Fill the dosing bottle provided with cold pure water up to 500ml line on the bottle
  2. Pour in the contents of Powder A ONE (1pack) and Power B ONE (1pack)
  3. Shake the bottle well until the mixture dissolves completely.
  4. Drink 250ml within 15 minute and drink another 250ml within next 15 minute.
  5. Drink at least additional 500ml of pure water, taken at your own pace.
  • Drink the mixture TWO (2) times ONE day (1) before the colonoscopy
  • Keep drinking pure water until you have bowel movement in watery form and drinking the mixture and water is recommended while walking
On the
day of
5~6 AM Please do fasting. Do not eat anything until chew the gum, drink water and smoke from at 7 am the examination day.
  • Before colonoscopy, please take off all the jewelleries including glasses, false teeth and valuables.
  • The appointment of colonoscopy exam can be canceled however fare for the medication we sent is not refundable. (The medication is not reusable.)
  • For female examinees, there might be inconvenience during the test in case you are in menstrual period. Please make sure of schedule in appropriate time.
  • If you have any other inquiries, please make a call Healthcare Promotion Center.
  • Please bring the consent you have signed up. (Read the consent closely before you sign up please)

Medications that require confirmation before endoscopy

Medications that require confirmation before endoscopy

Stomach examination

Guideline for the stomach examination

Preparation for the test

Preparation for the test table
duodenoscopy : EGD
Upper gastrointestinal
series: UGI series
The day
before an
The EGD is an examination of the lining of the esophagus, stomach, and upper duodenum for inflammation, ulcer, active or cause of bleeding, or malignant cancer using 9mm to 1cm flexible endoscope down the throat and advancing through the esophagus to the stomach and duodenum. Before the examination, examinees will take Gasocol suspension (to remove gas), Lidocaine Viscous (to put under your neck) and get Buscopan injection (to reduce bowel movement). If any sort of cause is indicated, biopsies can be taken and pathologic test such as bacterial culture may be performed. An UGI series, which is a radiologic study done at the Radiology Department, is an examination of the anatomy and lining of upper GI tract after drinking oral contrast called Barium. Lying on the exam bed, examinees will change their position to spread the contrast making stomach covered and coated. During this process you might feel discomfort.
Test area esophagus, stomach, duodenum
The required
within 3-5 minutes within 3 minutes
The attending practitioner will judge by the examinee’s status for those who have relevance to one of following cases;
  • Those who are afraid of pain when they take endoscopy(EGD).
  • Those who have side effect of medication (who are allergic for lidocaine and sedatives)
  • For those who have cardiovascular disease or pulmonary disease, endoscopy(EGD) with sedation is not applicable.
After care for the test After taking EGD, examinees must have meal 1 hour after the test because of numbness and discomfort on throat and mouth. In case you have hematemesis, hemoptysis or abdominal pain, please contact emergency center (after 5:30PM)
  • Healthcare Promotion Center
  • Emergency Center
    (TEL. +82-32-890-2301)
  • The injections used in the test (the sedatives, pain killer etc) may cause the photophobia or make your eyesight blurred. Please refrain from driving after the test is done.
After taking UGI series examinees may have constipation because of the reduced bowel movement when the dye still remains in intestines, please drink plentiful water. The laxatives could be provided from Healthcare Promotion Center.

The precautions for EGD under sedation

The EGD under sedation is a test which is done without pain for the convenience of examinees. It is discriminated from an anesthesia that makes examinees completely unconscious and get into sleep. At the moment the examinees will grow dim, taking the test with the reduced pain and also cannot remember the memory of taking the test afterwards.

  • At recovery room you must take a full rest for an hour after the test and then you can go home
  • Until you clearly wear off the sedation, please stay accompanied by your guardian.
    Please avoid making your personal schedule on the test day.
  • It depends on individuals to put under sedation and there might be an occasion which is impossible to get sedated or it may take time.
  • On the test day please refrain from drive or manipulating the machines.
  • The examinees who require medical attention about EGD under sedation should let the nurse informed your status before the test.
  • For any other inquiries please contact Healthcare Promotion Center.


Whole body PET – CT

1. What is PET-CT

PET-CT is a state of the art test method that can diagnose diseases, taking photograph of whole body using the dye injection which emits positron and imaging biochemical reaction in organs.

2. Precautions

  • 8 hours fasting is necessary before the test. You can drink lots of water. (Any other beverage containing glucose such as coffee, juice, soda etc must be forbad)
  • For those who have diabetes mellitus, please consult with your attending doctor about diet and insulin shot.
  • At the injection room, you stay for 1 hour more or less after you get a dye injection so that the dye can be circulated in the whole blood vessels. The required time for the test only takes 30 minutes. (Whole process takes 2 hours)
  • After you get a dye injection, you must not talk, chew gum or drink beverage.
  • On the day before the test, if you do heavy workout, muscles absorb dye too much which makes the image goes off. Please do not run to take the test in time but arrive at the center 20 minutes before the test and stay stable.
  • In case you have lesion around the bladder, doctor may require examinees to take the test with urine catheter inserted
  • The other radiology tests (Colon study, UGI series) should be taken after the PET-CT. Please make the 3 days gap from the day you took Colon study or UGI series until the day you will take PET CT if you already have done the first two tests.
  • If there are other radiology tests that require fasting, please do not take them on the same day with PET-CT.
  • For the personal issue, when you cancel or reschedule the test please contact us before 2 pm on the day before the test. Unless you make it, the medical price for the dye injection could not be refund. (Once the dye is produced it become extinguished automatically after a day)
  • For any other inquiries please contact Healthcare Promotion Center.