Parking Fee System

It is operated by using Automatic car number identification system. Entering the parking lot, the car number is recognized automatically and visitors pay their parking fee before going-out.

Free parking information

Free parking information table
Outpatients and Examination patients Admission/Discharged patients
Free parking 8 hours free(12 hours free for emergency room patients) 8 hours free, only the admission and discharged day
Check Place Prescription Kiosk The same as the left
How to Use Automatic Car number identification when you enter the parking lot → Register the car number at prescription Kiosk and then going out The same as the left
Parking for the handicapped
  • Park only at the handicapped parking area in front of main gate, if there is no parking area, please use basement parking place.
  • If you summit a handicapped book or certificate to fare adjustment office, when you go out, you will be free charge for 2 hours. But, excess of 2 hours, you will be applied 50% of parking charge.

Parking Guide

Parking Guide table
General parking Long-term parking
Basic Rule Free of charge within 15 minutes Discount policy for inpatients
and their guardian
  • First 30 minutes : ₩ 500
  • Every 15 minutes adding : ₩ 300
  • 24 hours : ₩ 12,000

Pay at B1 Fare adjustment office

  • 1 day : ₩ 5,000
  • 5 day : ₩ 17,000
  • 10 day : ₩ 30,000
  • 15 day : ₩ 42,000
Remarks Going out within 15 minutes after
issuing free ticket of receipt
  • Buy parking ticket after register car number at fare adjustment office
  • Who will buy a long-term parking ticket, buy a ticket within 15 minutes after entering
Refund The day time calculation means 24 hours.
We consider 1 day has passed after the first 24 hours, without reference to time.

Cooperating Issue

  • For admission patients and their guardians, Please use public transportation during admission period (except admission/discharge date) if possible
  • Do not leave Valuables and money in your cars. Inha University Hospital do not have any responsibility for the loss in parking place
More Information about Parking