Plastic Surgery

The word "plastic" is derived from the Greek word "plastikos".  It means as mold or reshape". Our two specialty areas include cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The cosmetic surgery deals with improving the appearance of normal body features, helping men and women improve and restore their physical appearances, it enable them to improve in their self-esteem  while the reconstructive surgery corrects physical abnormalities caused by congenital anomalies, trauma, and other acquired injury. Our field of medical practice covers cosmetic plastic surgery, facial bone plastic surgery, head and neck tumor surgery, pediatric plastic surgery, congenital anomaly surgery, micro surgery, hand surgery, burn surgery and others. Currently we provide several clinics such as cleft lip & palate clinic, craniomaxillary anomaly clinic, hand surgery clinic, laser clinic, burn clinic, cosmetic and plastic clinic (blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, mammoplsty, facial contouring, face-lift, body contouring, etc) clinic and microinvasive cosmetic clinic (botox, filler, endoscopic surgery) clinic.