“The Department of Pediatrics at Inha University Hospitals treats with love and passion”

“The Department of Pediatrics at Inha University Hospital is not just a hospital. It is a community where medical staff, experts in each field, researchers, teachers, patients, and families all work together to make the impossible possible.”

Inha Hospital's Department of Pediatrics is dedicated to delivering outstanding care and conducting research for pediatric patients. Our team of medical professionals works diligently to provide top-notch healthcare services with genuine compassion. In addition to treating common pediatric conditions, our department specializes in various areas such as respiratory allergies, neonatal diseases, blood tumor diseases, infectious diseases, endocrine disorders, genetic metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular illnesses.
In addition, we have a neonatal intensive care regional center and centers for rare genetic diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. We also have an exceptional environmental health center that specializes in allergic diseases.
In addition, various professionals such as nutritionists, exercise specialists, social workers, diabetes nurses and rare disease coordinators are dedicated to supporting the recovery and overall health of children. We prioritize systematic clinical education for pediatric healthcare providers while also actively engaging in research to enhance treatment methods and advance knowledge in both fundamental and practical aspects of pediatrics.
At our Department of Pediatrics at Inha University Hospital, we offer a range of services for pediatric patients. This includes an outpatient clinic conveniently located on the first floor of the main building. We have dedicated spaces within the clinic, such as an injection room and a treatment room, to ensure that pediatric patients receive specialized care.
For newborns in need of intensive care or monitoring, we have both a neonatal unit and a neonatal intensive care unit situated on the 7th floor along with the delivery room. This close proximity allows us to provide prompt attention right after birth.
Children requiring hospitalization are accommodated in our pediatric ward located on the 8th floor. Additionally, we take pride in being home to Incheon's only Children’s Hospital School which caters exclusively to hospitalized children.
Our team at The Department of Pediatrics is committed not just to treating diseases but also managing and preventing chronic severe conditions. We strive towards enhancing the overall quality of life for all children under our care.