Orthopedic Surgery

Orthos means as ‘straight’ and paidos means as ‘in child’, the title called as orthopedics is the combination of these two words. In the early days, orthopedics was mainly regarded about as one of the preventive medicine. However, as generations passed, the orthopedics has been developed into more broad and specific medicine. Orthopedics, in medical fields, is defined as a study of extremities and spines including their accessories to maintain, rehabilitate and develop in medical, surgical and physical aspect. In respect to this definition, the orthopedical team of Inha university are trained by specialized professors, in many different fields including hip, knee, spine, hand, foot and pediatric. They are taught medically and surgically in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. In addition, they are actively trained by many different cases. Our orthopedics department represents a great part of Inha university. Medical residents and professors also take great pride and responsibility in teaching and training medical students. Inha university hospital, whose predecessor is the Inha hospital located in Seongnam district, was in a close coordination relationship with the Inha hospital located in Seongnam district. 
The hospital provides medical service in orthopedics around Seongnam and Kyunggi districts. Professor Park Seung-Rim is the first director of the orthopedics department in Seongnam  Inha hospital. By 2003, Seongnam Inha hospital was integrated with Inha university hospital. Inha medical school was established in 1996, and Professor Oh In-Suk, now is a director of the Korean Orthopedic Association, was one of the most critical staffs, as a director of the orthopedics department in the beginning. The school played substantial role in the education and medical treatment fields of orthopedics around the Incheon districts, ever since it was established. Afterwards the second and third director, Moon Kyung-Ho and Kim Myung-Ku took over professor Oh In-Suk's position. Currently Kim Ryuh-seop is the director of the department and the hospital. He plays a critical role around the metropolitan areas including Incheon & Kyunggi district by performing the average of 2000 orthopedic surgical operations annually. Knee joint arthroscopy & surgery, Hip joint arthroplasty & surgery, spine surgery, hand & arm surgery, shoulder joint arthroscopy & surgery, foot & ankle surgery are the sub-fields of orthopedics. Currently the school is available to deal with various disorders in such sub-fields, since all the staffs are professionally specialized, and the faculties  form the leading groups in the research and medical educations with the background of studying and working in the world class facilities. Especially, the staffs published numerous creditable papers in the world-class prominent journals in the field of clinical studies and received strong positive responses from other researchers all around the world. Furthermore they published textbooks of orthopedics for domestic students in Korea. In addition, the staff members received funding from other internal and external institutions, as a result, they have recently made great contributions with the basic research programs in the cutting edge fields, such as biomechanics and molecular biology. The members of orthopedics in Inha university are also trained in community knowledge to participate as an important central role in the society.