General Surgery

The department of surgery at Inha University Hospital, composed of professors, specialists and residents, is the centerpiece of operational medicine and to the utmost endeavoring to treat all operative diseases with organized and professional management, education and research. Topics such as integrated lectures for gastrointestines, breast and graduate courses are set up for education. Efforts are put together to nurture forth-year students with surgical therapeutic experiences by having them actively participate in diagnosis and management of actual patients., In addition, conferences for latest journals, case studies and radiology are held weekly to train residents and many excellent researches are in progress and published in renowned journals. We make assurance especially at virtuous treatment for various malignant diseases associated with the aging society. In order to secure expertise for each disease, the department is subdivided into gastrointestinal, colorectal, hepatobiliary, pancreas, pediatrics, vascular, breast and endocrine, each lead by specialists with profound experience and knowledge. With the worldwide trend of minimal invasive surgery, laparoscopic surgeries are zealously operated for various fields such as stomach, colon, liver, biliary, pancreas, spleen and pediatrics. Furthermore, vascular surgeries are accompanied by interventional radiology. As with increase in incidence of women cancer such as thyroid and breast, the department of surgery holds a central role in Women Cancer Center where examination and diagnosis can be done in same place, same time. Surgery will also play a major part in the Obesity Center, which will soon be established. We carry out an important part of the leading regional university hospital and devote ourselves to the provision of quality medical service, the education of competent doctors and the research of state-of-art medicine.