Since Inha University hospital has been established in 1987, the Division of Gastroenterology has played an important role in the development of Gastroenterology department. Esophageal diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, Barrett’s esophagus, esophageal tumor, gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel disease, gastrointestinal tumor, inflammatory bowel disease, peptic ulcer disease, biliary diseases such as pancreatitis, cholecytitis, gallstone, biliary tract tumor, and liver diseases such as viral hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, hepatocelluar carcinoma are treated in the division of gastroenterology. We are equipped with the latest endoscopic system, we are able to provide accurate diagnosis and minimally invasive endoscopic treatment. In addition, patients can receive most up-to-date treatment, as we have been vigorously participating in academic activities .