Specialities of IUH

  • Cancer center

    There are four specialized cancer center treatment centers at the Inha University Hospital, namely Cyberknife center, Woman’s cancer center, cancer&BMT, and Lung cancer center. The center has the most advanced medical equipments for cancer treatment, such as Cyberknife and RapidArc.

  • Cardiocerebrovascular Disease Center

    The Inha University Hospital Cardiocerebrovascular Disease Center is designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in the Incheon area as a Incheon Regional Cardiocerebrovascular Disease Center in November 2012 and contributes to local medical development. We are playing a pivotal role in the prevention and management of cardiocerebrovascular diseases through the operation of a specialized medical treatment system by specialists, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide the support for healthcare institutions related to cardiocerebrovascular diseases in the Incheon area, and education and publicity activities for patients and local residents.

  • Spinal Center and Rheumatism Center

    The Inha University Hospital Spine Center systematically diagnoses and establishes appropriate treatment plans for each stage according to the individual characteristics and circumstances of the patients. The Rheumatism Center provides equipment and systems for early diagnosis of rheumatic diseases. Based on this, we provide customized treatment.