Above photograph Inha University Hospital introduced Vital beam


Inha University Hospital starts running the Vital beam from 23 rd of April Inha University Hospital (Young Mo Kim, The Director) firstly introduced Vital beam, the high-end radioactive cancer treatment equipment in Incheon and shall run it from 23 rd of April in earnest.

The new equipment has got advanced faster, safer and more precise than conventional ones.
Comparing the Tomotherapy, this new vital beam takes only 2 to 3 minutes while old one takes around 20 to 40minutes.

Cheol Woo Kim, the Radiologist of Inha University Hospital said, “The Vital beam enables us to see 3D high qualified image that is made as quick and 60% faster than before. Though it becomes faster on its speed,” less than 25% of X-ray means that patients do not need to be exposed to it unnecessarily.”