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Thank you for visiting our website for Inha University Incheon Regional Cardio-Cerebrovascular Disease Center!

Cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases are the first two leading causes of death, globally, with their high mortality rates and potentially severe disabilities for anyone who is able to survive. Those diseases significantly increase not just personal burdens on the patient’s household, but also financial and social burdens on the society.

In order to resolve such problems, Inha University Hospital, Incheon Regional Cardio-Cerebrovascular Disease Center has been designated by Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2012, with a goal to provide the best medical service to cardio-cerebrovascular disease patients, establish a care network and ultimately decrease mortality and the disability occurrence rate of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

Inha University Hospital, Incheon Regional Cardio-Cerebrovascular Disease Center performs a vital role for the treatment, rehabilitation, and preventive management for cardio-cerebrovascular disease patients by operating a 24/7/365 care system with specialists, supporting cardio-cerebrovascular disease-related health and medical institutions, carrying out educational promotion activities for patients and citizens, and managing partnerships with affiliated organizations such as fire stations, health centers, and partnering hospitals.

Its geographical advantage as the closest hospital to Incheon International Airport, the 1st gateway to Korea, and Incheon Port, Inha University Hospital strives to become the world-class specialized center for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. We will continue to put forth our best efforts to improve the quality of lives and the health of patients afflicted with cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

Thank you!